About Us

Welcome to Life Out The Hive

My name is Dean and I first started this website back in 2018. The initial idea was to create a place where I could reflect on some of the beautiful and exciting locations I’ve been to.

Iceland In April

Growing up in the UK I managed to visit many places in Britain, of course, this was travel through a child’s eyes. As I got older I became more interested in finding my own travel inspiration.

Gara Rock Hotel

Exploring Europe in my late teens gave me a sense of independence and adventure. I of course did that popular thing of backpacking with friends and visiting those popular destinations, with some spontaneity added from time to time.

reasons to visit france

Now times change and family life steers you in a much different, but equally exciting direction. Sometimes it’s finding those places where family meets adventure and sometimes it’s relaxation that is the thing you need.

Devon In The Winter

My aim with this website is to create a place where people can combine family travel with other forms of travel, be it adventure, relaxation, or convenience.