5 Best Dog Harnesses For Hiking

5 Best Dog Harnesses For Hiking

Hiking is something that is popular throughout the world and despite loving the independent freedom it gives, having a companion to share the trails with makes it a great activity. Dogs tend to be the best walking companions, they are motivated, loyal and who isn’t jealous of a dog’s endurance. Despite many great hiking trails being free for dogs to roam, you can’t always have your furry friend off the lead. In some respects, choosing the best dog harness for hiking will depend on your dog and what sort of trails you plan to do.

Dog harnesses have become more popular over time and there are many reasons to choose a harness over a collar and lead arrangement. Harnesses prevent injury and neck problems that occur over time due to the pulling and jolting that may happen. I also tend to find that a harness gives you more control and there is less chance of getting tangled up when the excitement begins on meeting other dogs on walks. All these things help during a long or short hike but being able to pull your dog out of trouble is an important feature and most good dog harnesses have a strong handle on the back for this. To help you decide on what harness to get here is a guide to some of the best dog harnesses for hiking.


Julius K9 – Power Harness

This is the harness I currently use for hiking on Dartmoor with my golden retriever. It’s made of tough material and feels sturdy which is great to have with a large breed of dog. The straps are adjustable and they go around his front and underneath him which gives a good amount of support. Julius K9 is a well-known brand and the quality is easy to see, the handle on top gives a good amount of control too. The buckle which clips the dog in is strong and I can’t see it breaking easily, there is also a metal ring attachment on top to hook your lead or strap on. One other thing to note is that no attachment is located on the front which you do find on some other harnesses, however, I much prefer to attach him by the back. Click here to see the latest prices on Amazon. 

Ruffwear Webmaster

Ruffwear is another great brand that specialises in durable outdoor harnesses. The webmaster is designed to fit comfortably on your dog and give good control and security. This harness is very much about the fit and boasts 5 adjustment points, 3 which adjust the padded chest piece, 1 for the underneath the chest and finally 1 for the belly portion. All the straps are well padded and the material is durable with good freedom of movement. The harness comes with reflective trim, however, I wouldn’t consider this to be enough to guarantee being seen in low light. Click here to see the latest prices on Amazon.

Hurtta Active harness

Hurtta is another great active dog brand, this harness comes with a padded area at the front and adjustable straps for the neck and chest area. One main advantage this harness has is there is more reflective material than on other brands, so if your taking your pooch out in low light then this is a good harness to use. The material is strong and durable and has an attachment on the back. Click here to see the latest prices on Amazon.

dog harnessEmbark Adventure Harness

This harness is another durable and lightweight model which is great for taking your dog on long hikes and gives them more movement. There is a metal clasp on the back and a separate attachment point on the front for training. The attachment point on the front is a metal clasp so can be used for the usual walking as other models only have front attachments strong enough to deal with training. Another great feature is the padded area which goes all the way from the lower chest to the shoulder area, this helps with comfort and fit. The reflective trim is much like other brands and doesn’t really do well in low light, either way, this is a great harness at a great price. Click here to see the latest prices on Amazon.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness “All Day Adventure”

This harness is another strong durable harness made by Ruffwear and certainly recommended for hiking. Because the harness has 4 adjustment points it gives the perfect fit for a full range of movement, ideal for active dogs. The harness is comfortable for the dog as it has padded material up the straps and around the front. There are 2 attachment points for leads, one on the front and a strong metal clasp on the back. For low light levels, it has a reflective trim but this is nothing substantial, however, there is a small ID pocket which is a nice touch. If your hikes are going to involve clambering up rocks or through hard to navigate areas then this harness is perfect due to the range of motion and comfort it provides. Click here to see the latest prices on Amazon


When thinking about the best dog harnesses for hiking, always remember to think about durability, the movement it provides and comfort. In the end, it always depends on how much hiking you do and whether or not the terrain you walk is challenging. It can be tempting to buy cheap harnesses that claim to do the job but if you are planning on hiking more than average then treat your dog to something they will feel comfortable in because after all, they want to enjoy the walk too. If you want to read about 10 Amazing South Devon Walks or 6 Basic Essentials to Take Hiking then click the links, if not Happy Hiking.

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