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Salcombe View

Ok so “staycation” is a buzz word that’s been thrown around a lot lately, however there has been an increase in the numbers of people choosing the UK rather than finding sunnier shores. With Brexit looming and an obvious push for UK tourism it’s no wonder people are finding their own paradises in places such as Devon.

Alright… enough about statistics, if somewhere touches the heart people always return. Salcombe in Devon does just that, a small fishing town on the Devon coast, Salcombe is great for water sports, fine dining or simply relaxing on the beach. If somewhere in the UK had all one wanted for a holiday Salcombe is just that destination. Having lived here in this wonderful part of the country there’s no reason why wouldn’t I encourage you guys to stay in Salcombe, but I know for a fact that having lots of Family and friends dotted around the UK this is one of their top destinations if staying in the UK.

Town View Salcombe

As you drive from rural landscapes you will notice the outskirts of Salcombe slowly condensing, as you wind down towards the shoreline. Parking should be sufficient if you don’t mind being a 5-minute walk from the centre, to be honest I would recommend parking in one of the outer carparks as its less stress and you get to pass some lovely little shops on the walk in. As you approach the town from the car park the sea will present a glorious picture of crystal blue with yachts bobbing up from the surface……this scene may well be different if it’s raining but I promise that either way Salcombe won’t disappoint.

Salcombe Harbour

Towards the centre of the town you will start to notice a trend of higher end stores including, SeaSalt, Joules and Jack Wills. In fact, this store is the original Jack Wills yes that’s right one of the largest fashion chains in country came from a sleepy old town in Devon.

Jack Wills Salcombe

However, if Fashion is not your thing then don’t be disappointed because Salcombe also offers many other retail outlets, as well as wonderful ice cream parlours and fudge shops, visit Rolys for the best fudge you will ever taste. I highly recommend The Salcombe Delicatessen they do great baguettes/sandwiches and even pizza if you want.

Salcombe Delicatessen

If your a keen fisherman then you simply must do one of the great boat trips. Ive been many times and have never been disappointed, the mackerel are almost jumping in the boat and someone almost always catches something they should “the classic welly boot”. Salcombe Angling can be found in the centre of the town near the harbour, they offer shorter mackerel fishing trips 2hrs, or they do offer longer deep-sea fishing trips over wrecks.

Salcombe Harbour

As you continue to walk past the centre of the town you start to climb steadily uphill casting eyes across the ocean views. Just past the war memorial at the top of the hill Salcombe Harbour Hotel appears with large signage. This establishment is one of my favourites being a luxury hotel with wonderful spa facilities and magnificent views.

Salcombe Harbour Hotel

If your feeling particularly adventurous you can continue to walk up the hill until you get to a left turn this road is safe to walk by foot and goes on a level plane all the way to North sands, check out the Winking Prawn Restaurant for a pit stop or something heartier. If you’re in a car you go up the hill all the way to the top where there are signs for north and south sands. These idyllic beaches ooze beach character with great facilities including, toilets, restaurant and shop. One great idea that I tend to do in the quieter months is launch my Kayak from the shore just remember to watch out for the boat traffic.

North Sands

If you’re planning a trip to Devon in the summer or when ever really, I hope this has given you some insight into what’s on offer.

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