How To Make The Most Of Your Weekend – 5 Top Tips

Weekends always seem like blurs to me, the most memorable part being finishing work on Friday and joining the mad rush to get home. I’m sure I mustn’t be the only one wants to know how to make the most of your weekend, I’m not pretending to be some sort of complete person who has found his perfectly balance weekend routine. In search of knowledge on this age-old question I’ve read quite a lot of differing opinions and I decided to try them out and evaluate, so these are my top tips on how to make the most of your weekend.

Time Management Weekend

Prepare for your weekend

Don’t be that person that gets to Sunday night and realises that they have spent their entire time doing chores and rushing around like a mad person. Yes, you have more time but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your weekend, these two days are the ones where you should feel happy. Now whether you love your job or not the best time to get those chores done is during the week. Many times, I find myself getting home and trying my hardest to make the most of those few hours before crawling into bed anticipating tomorrows commute. A small price to pay would be to sacrifice those small hours to get some chores done, write off your week day night. I know it sounds strange but when you can make the most of your weekend because you did the grocery shop or bunged some washing on your bound to feel it’s worth it.

Shopping Trolley Weekend


I remember every Christmas amongst all the festivities, I anticipate my time off, knowing that a relaxing break awaits me. When talking about this scenario, a lot of the joy I feel comes from the anticipation of time off and the fact that we are going to have things like Christmas dinner, see family and friends, oh and of course the presents are always welcome. Even if it’s not Christmas, you should always plan your weekend as much as possible, if you have planned something you enjoy, it’s great to anticipate those events and makes your weekends all the more memorable. One option which I always like to try is, going out for dinner on Sunday night this way I have something to look forward to during Sunday instead of thinking I’ve got work tomorrow.

Dining out


Try something different

This sort of goes with the one above, with planning involved in the process, but what to plan? The question is one which could allow you to make the most of your weekend, do something different and enjoyable and your weekend will feel like a genuine holiday break. However a word of warning plan something too strenuous and you could end up tired and grumpy, not a good ingredient for an enjoyable weekend. I suggest doing something local, you wont have to travel to far and you are familiar with the area so easy to plan and less stressful. Try to steer clear of routine, due to working all week doing the same thing, you can sometimes feel as time is standing still, you need shock!!. Well i don’t mean go skydiving…. unless that is what your into. So without sound crazy you need to shock your body and mind out of that routine, this is why trying something different is a great idea.

Skydiving paraglider


Be Traditional

Its good to do new things but as well as this it’s also important to be traditional. I remember always having a BBQ on Saturdays, we have stopped it in recent years but memories were created because of a traditional activity we did every weekend. If you want to create lasting memories especially for your children, tradition is the way to go, roast dinners, breakfast out and fish n chip Friday are some examples. Whatever you decide to do make an occasion of it get the kids involved or do it as a couple.




This isn’t the part where I convince you to take the whole weekend lying down, its something that’s essential for an enjoyable weekend. The last thing you want is to be tired and grumpy on Monday morning. Making the most of the weekend with activities is a good idea but go over the top and you will end up regretting it, feeling like you did during the week.

relax feet up


These are 5 of my top tips, which i have found to be the best. I understand that not all these tips will work for everyone, because lets face it we all have very different lifestyles but hopefully some of these tips will help.

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