8 Reasons To Visit France

8 Reasons To Visit France

Reasons to visit France can come from many aspects and it depends on what you think you will enjoy on your trip, whatever the reasons for your visit. Having been to France since I was very young and enjoyed every second, I decided to do a list of my favourite reasons to visit this fantastic country.

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I have to start off my this list of reasons to visit France with what is to me one of the most important aspects of life…Food. When it comes to food the French know what they are doing. Whether its freshly baked croissants, French tart or a delicious chocolate filled éclair. I recommend starting the day off with a traditional French breakfast of croissants, French bread covered with butter and jam, washed down with a coffee. Eating out is the pride of France and sitting outside a street side café is certainly something you must experience, enjoy great food whilst watching everyone go about their day to day. Cheese, bread and wine are a wonderful light lunch to fill the stomachs of hungry sightseers and market shoppers. Fresh fish should be on the menu for dinner particularly in coastal areas where you can purchase the freshest catch at the local market stalls.

reasons to visit france

The Beaches

One of the most famous characteristics and probably one of my top reasons to visit France is its stunning coastline miles upon miles of sandy shores. The Aquitaine region of France is a fantastic spot for strolls along the coast, basking in warm sunshine and some of world’s best surf. Surfing is one Frances most favoured pass times and people travel great distances to enjoy the amazing surf on offer, I recommend going during one of the many surfing competitions such as Quicksilver Pro. Most of the beaches in France are long with fine sand perfect for building sandcastles and relaxing, the great thing about French beaches is the space you get both in and out the sea, so no need to worry about finding a spot. Try beaches like Hossegor and Capbreton in the Southwest region of France, great weather, huge beaches and great surf.  

Reasons to visit France

Historic Buildings

France has a long rich history and with its strong involvement in many of Europe’s most iconic battles its no wonder that you can find stunning castles, manor houses and forts scattered throughout the land. France is well known for its beautiful architecture especially in that of its large chateau’s. One of the best examples of grand architecture is the Chateau de Chambord, this huge building is now a UNESCO world heritage site and was used in World War 2 to house the Louvres important artwork, such as the Mona Lisa. If you want to visit a building with real castle characteristics I would recommend Carcassonne, this medieval town will settle any desires to see a structure of medieval fortifications in which the main castle sits within.

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French Villages

You will often find rural areas of France are quiet and full of charm, many villages operate within themselves with small shops providing everything they need. Its unusual for a small French village not to have a bakery and the fantastic fresh produce from local farms is a great addition. Staying in and around these villages will make you feel like you have stepped back in time or into some sort of French novel. I would recommend exploring the region of France you visiting at random you will soon stumble upon a beautiful country village, however many of the most charming villages are located in the mountains or more hilly areas of France.

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Paris is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited and its one which I would certainly visit again and again. With all the characteristics and charm of rural France it’s a fast moving none stop city, there is certainly plenty to do and see. Sites including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Damme are some of the must see’s in this bustling city. Take a walk down the Champs Elysees and experience a vibrant atmosphere full of some of the biggest brands in the world, or try getting a bit lost and stumbling down cobbled streets stopping at some of the market stalls along the way. Paris is certainly a place for couples, given its great reputation for romance, but not only this its relaxed atmosphere gives couples a stress free break away where they can concentrate on enjoying everything Paris has to offer.

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This is something which I feel is a great asset to any country and space is something which creates amazement and comfort. The French countryside is wide and open with acres of wonderful fields and farmland, one popular site to see is the lavender fields which litter the French countryside. During the summer you can see acres of sunflower fields an amazing bright yellow parade under an equally yellow sun, I recommend stopping off on one of your journeys and having a bite to eat overlooking some of these wonderful fields. Its not just the countryside that is open but Frances many bustling cites and towns are far from cramped despite the amounts of people going about their day to day. London is such a wonderful city but at times it can seem cramped, however Frances capital of Paris I found had a different feel, there were clearly as many people if not more but the space available was a lot more comfortable.

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The first thing that jumps to mind when thinking about French mountains is the Alps or Pyrenees but there are so many more mountains. Provence is home to Mourre Negre one of the most stunning mountain regions, the national park is classified by UNESCO and is a must visit. Plenty of the mountains in France are included in the Tour De France and its is easy to see why, with there steep climbs, rugged landscape and incredible views. The one mountain on every cyclist’s bucket list is Mont Ventoux, its section on the Tour De France is one of the most gruelling. Cycling is something that France is very big on and you will always see numerous groups cycling across France, I would recommend any keen cyclist to visit France based purely on this.

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One of the best reasons to visit France is the ease of travel, there are many ways in which to get to France and the infrastructure available for travelling within is one of the best in Europe. The motorways in France are well maintained and have great service stations where you can stop overnight as a fair few have facilities such as showers, toilets and shops. Travelling from London to Paris allows you to access a large amount of Europe by train with great links to countries like Spain, Italy and Germany. France remains one of the most visited countries in the world due to its great travel network of trains, planes and roads and because a large amount of people need to travel through France to get to other countries, its strategic location is always an advantage for many.

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So there you have it, these are just some of the great reasons to visit France besides from the fact that its so close and easy to get to. France is a great place to explore spontaneously, so if your interested in visiting France and are looking for somewhere to stay, check out the latest prices for hotels. “Latest Prices

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