Visiting Brighton – Where To Stay And What To Do

Visiting Brighton – Where To Stay And What To Do

So as you may know I live in the shire, that’s Devon if you hadn’t guessed, however until the age of 13 I grew up near Reading so I like a mixture of city life with country living. Don’t get me wrong I love London, but the countryside and coast always beckons me towards it. That’s why I love Brighton this great city has both a bustling atmosphere with plenty to do and lots of retail therapy to be had, however if you wanted a relaxing time the beach and nearby rolling countryside are perfect. In this post I want to just outline some of the great things that are available, so everyone makes the most of Brighton.

Where To Stay

Brighton is a big place and there’s so many wonderful places to stay depending on what location you want, the most common option is nearer the beach. Whenever we go to Brighton we tend to stay in the Grand Hotel which you may recognise from various advertising posters. The Grand is a luxury Victorian hotel, built in 1864 its history is highlighted by an event taken place in 1984 when the IRA attempted to assassinate Margaret Thatcher. The building remains one of the most popular accommodation options for anyone staying in Brighton. We had great service from check in to check out and would highly recommend it based on location. You may be thinking “Oh no that sounds expensive”, but look on their website they always have some great deals especially near Christmas.

Brighton in a day

If you’re looking for some more luxury on your stay then try the Kemp Townhouse a popular choice with visitors. With this guesthouse you will get a great location with excellent views of the seafront and also included is a room service breakfast. Another option if you’re looking for something a bit more quirky and authentic is the Paskins Hotel which offers a lovely breakfast with locally sourced food. If your wanting to bring your furry friend with you…that’s the dog by the way, you can bring them but phone ahead as there’s certain rooms they offer. Hotels tend to be more convenient, but if your not bothered just get an Airbnb as there are loads of options from high end to cheap stays.

Where To Eat

Ok so I’m guilty of one thing when it comes to eating out, I love a chain, that’s right give me a Nando’s any day. I understand it’s just chicken but it’s so tasty, the chain we chose is slightly less likely to be around every corner. Well Jamie’s Italian lived up to its name and we enjoyed a lovely meal just around the corner from our hotel, the atmosphere was great and despite being midweek it was packed with people…always a good sign. On the final night of our stay we decided to give the Grand Hotel restaurant a try, it’s not something we would usually do but as we were pushed for time we thought why not, as we had heard wonderful things about the food there. It turned out to have very tasty food and a superb atmosphere as its not only guests that eat there but non-residents of the hotel. The other important thing about having a meal in the hotel was the fact we could just stumble back to our room without much effort.

We do intend to travel back to Brighton not only to experience everything else it has to offer but I don’t think we gave the food here a fair chance to impress and I’ve heard from friends and family that there are some great restaurants that I simply must go and visit. To name some I would say “The Coal Shed” as I love a steak and if you do too its highly recommended. The other place I would like to try out is “Compass Point Eatery”, they are an American style eatery with fantastic reviews on Trip advisor and apart from there fantastic sub rolls they are the number one place to get pancakes for breakfast. There’s always something about pancakes in the morning maybe it’s the sugar kick to wake me up or the fact that there like dessert for breakfast. Yummy.

If you have any suggestions for our next trip to Brighton please let me know in the comments section or drop me an email…I always seem to be awake so anytime is fine.

a day in brighton

What To Do

Well the descriptive section for this could go on and on so I don’t want to bore you with obscene amounts of writing, I will try just outline a few must do’s.. They call Brighton London by the sea, rings true when you realise how much actually goes on in Brighton everyday. After booking our accommodation so close to the waterfront, I thought we simply must go to the pier which in my own mind symbolises Brighton and brings images of an historic seaside resort. The Pier wasn’t crowded what so ever, although the fact that it was around Christmas time and the wind was blowing, making the windows and doors creak on nearby houses. Getting onto the pier is completely free which is great as this gives you an opportunity to scope the place out. If you want to go on all the rides and enjoy the fun and games in the arcade bring some cash with you as this will cost. The arcade is like any other arcade with those great ten pence machines reminding me of how ITV managed to make a giant version of that game so popular. I even managed to get into a batting match with a family on the horse racing game Eldorado, it was like one of those movies where everyone is standing around a casino crabs table and one guy seems to keep throwing and winning.

day i brighton


No trip to Brighton would be complete without a walk through the lanes, this diverse collection of narrow streets is home to some of the quirkiest and amazing shops. You just wouldn’t know about them unless you went exploring. Some of the shops I’d recommend are Choccywoccydoodah which is a quirky shop jam packed and I mean packed full of chocolate, highly dangerous if you’re on a diet……you have been warned. One shop we seemed to spend ages in or what felt like ages was Charlies Sweet Emporium, think old vintage sweet shop but bigger, we managed to come out with about 4 bags of sweets…believe me the sugar rush later that evening was not pleasant. I seem to always talk about food, although I am writing this at lunchtime so that maybe the reason.

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