Things To Do In Totnes – Our Day Out In Totnes Devon

Things To Do In Totnes – Our Day Out In Totnes Devon

Totnes is one of the most beautiful towns in Devon and a town with character, perhaps you’ve never heard of this sleepy little country town. You may recognise the name when said by the train lady at London Paddington as your waiting to get home from a long day of grafting in the big smoke. Yes, that’s the one… calling at …… Totnes, well however you know it you must visit. Totnes is located on the mainline making it easily accessible to anywhere in the country. There are many things to do in Totnes and whether it’s exploring Totnes Castle or rummaging through the wonderful markets, Totnes is certainly a place you will remember.

As you stand at the bottom of Fore Street you can see what looks like a pedestrianised road but don’t be fooled despite efforts, the main street remains welcome to traffic. I don’t complain though as it gives me easy access in the quieter months when I want to pick something up, park outside hop out hop in.

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On the right is one of the best hotels in Totnes, the vibrant atmosphere of the Seven Stars hotel is great and it’s an excellent place to stay if your planning to visit one of the most beautiful towns in Devon. The Seven Stars have many events on all year round and so it’s well worth keeping an eye out if your planning on staying for a few nights. They do a very nice breakfast and are well known for their tasty food, so a meal out is a great idea even if you’re there for just a day. In the summer, it’s a great idea to sit outside on their outdoor seating area, it can be a little noisy but it’s wonderful to see everyone going about their daily business, in the winter they put the heaters on so even then it’s a wonderful place to be.

A Day Out In Totnes Seven Stars Hotel beautiful towns in devon

Totnes is home to many independent businesses and an organisation called transition Totnes. This organisation are well known for trying to keep the town authentic, this was shown when they chased the café giant Costa Coffee out of town keeping small cafes trading.

My personal favourite independent stores are Cranch’s Sweet Shop and Rolys Fudge…hmmm funny how they both involve unhealthy food, well you’ve got to live a little. Delphines does amazing ice creams with ever changing flavours, my favourite is the banana and Rolys Fudge one as seen below. Delphines is well worth a look especially in the summer, its located about halfway up the town near the clocktower.

A Day Out In Totnes Ice Cream beautiful towns in devon

Don’t get me wrong, Devon towns aren’t just about food, Totnes has a reputation for the alternative and this is shown by the street performers that usually grace the pavements. As you get closer to the top of town a more alternative atmosphere starts to emerge, shops like firefly sell alternative clothes and great little souvenirs. If you’re looking for something to take home or your feeling hungry try the Totnes market in the civic square usually held on Fridays and Saturdays. Here you can get anything from handmade baskets to fresh fish. The flea market is also held in the hall above the square and is great for unearthing hidden treasures.

Barrel House - A Day Out In Totnes beautiful towns in devon

Apart from enjoying the wonderful cafes and bars, there are still many things to do in Totnes. Totnes Castle is just a stone’s throw away from the civic center, admission is around £4.30 or free if you’re a member of English heritage. Totnes Castle has a long history having been erected in the 11th century and through war and royal disagreement passed from family to family, it still stands strong atop a large hill overlooking the town. If you do go you will be taken back by the amazing views you get at the top, an entire town becomes view-able all the way to the river dart.

Speaking of the river dart a day out in Totnes wouldn’t be the same without experiencing one of the most popular activities going, the brilliant river cruise from Totnes to Dartmouth another one of the most beautiful towns in Devon. This cruise takes you past Stoke Gabriel and Dittisham. It also takes you past glorious scenic countryside, with areas like Sharpham Estate vineyards and Agatha Christies Greenway Estate. Prices vary depending on the cruise you take. You can combine this ferry journey with the steam train and buses. The Ferry to Dartmouth costs around £14 for an adult, you can then get the bus back from Dartmouth or return on the ferry.

Totnes Ferry - a day out in Totnes beautiful towns in devon

There’s so much to do and see on a day out in Totnes and you can spend a few days trying it all out. Well worth a visit on your next stay-cation and add it to your list of the most beautiful towns in Devon. If you want to know more about things to do in Totnes and in Devon check out my post on the top 10 most romantic things to do in Devon.


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